ETOL Writers: Carl Cowl

Carl Cowl


Biography (not yet available)


April 1929: To the Y.W.L. Convention – A Statement of the Expelled Communist Youth (with 32 others)

October 1929: The Clothing Strike in Minneapolis

January 1930: Another “Victory” in the Independent (letter)

May 1930: Unemployment in Minneapolis

May 1930: Since Lenin Died (book review)

January 1932: Swabeck in Minneapolis

January 1932: With the Opposition in Minneapolis

April 1932: Trotsky Meeting in Duluth

April 1932: Two Reformist Meets

June 1932: Russia – Market or Menace? (book review)

August 1932: “Hoover Cities” – An American Idyll of 1932

August 1932: A Run-in with the Party in Duluth (letter)

September 1932: Prospects for Duluth

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