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Reva Crane

S.Y.L. Looks to the Future of the American Revolution

(March 1935)

From The New Militant, Vol. I No. 14, 23 March 1935, p. 3.
Transcribed & marked up by Einde O’ Callaghan for the Encyclopaedia of Trotskyism On-Line (ETOL).

Today the S.Y.L. is the youth section of the W.P. and endorses its political program. It has consolidated its forces and is now in a position to challenge the existing youth organizations for the leadership of the toiling and student youth of the United States. In addition, it has connections with youth organizations of other countries through its affiliation to the International Bureau of Revolutionary Youth Organizations for the formation of the new revolutionary youth international.

Only under the leadership and guidance of a revolutionary party can the youth organization fulfill its tasks and serve as a true rallying center of exploited youth. Lacking such a party, the youth organization must fall under the influence and control of non-revolutionary and anti-working class organizations.

Today, however, there exists a party which is capable of leading the revolutionary youth, of guiding it politically and aiding it organizationally. There is every opportunity for the Spartacus Youth League to grow and develop and to fulfill the tasks of a youth organization. Its membership will become two, three – even ten times that of the Party. From its ranks will come trained revolutionists for the Workers Party. In the coming struggles, the S.Y.L. will be at the side of the W.P., leading the American working class and the youth. It will show that the theoretical conception of a fighting, militant youth organization has been turned into a reality.

The Workers Party has a great responsibility with regard to the youth movement. There is no other force in the country which can create a movement that will keep the youth from falling victim to fascist demagogy and militaristic jingoism.

In the ranks of the W.P. are many comrades who were the founders of the early revolutionary youth movement after the war. Many of them played leading parts in the life of the Y.C.L. and these comrades can be of invaluable assistance in guiding the S.Y.L. In those cities where S.Y.L. branches do not exist, it is the duty of these comrades to aid in the establishment of such branches and to give both political and organizational guidance to the young comrades of the S.Y.L. It is the duty of Party comrades to study and understand the needs of the youth organization and to participate in the solution of the problems which confront the League.

The joint work of the two organizations depends to a great extent on the relationships existing between them. Conscious attempts must be made to have the Spartacus Youth League function as an independent youth organization which is politically subordinate to the Workers Party. By exchange of representatives on committees, by a careful survey of the needs of the S.Y.L., by an active interest in its life, the Workers Party will demonstrate that it can build and lead the Spartacus Youth League and that it defends the immediate and ultimate interests of the working class youth.

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