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Reva Craine

Month Left to Finish Sub Drive

(1 April 1946)

From Labor Action, Vol. 10 No. 13, 1 April 1946, p. 4.
Transcribed & marked up by Einde O’ Callaghan for the Encyclopaedia of Trotskyism On-Line (ETOL).

The current Eight Page issue of Labor Action is but the forerunner of the new, enlarged weekly that is going to appear regularly beginning with the June 17th issue. Every reader can now see for himself why it is so urgent that Labor Action be expanded. There is no better argument for this than this week’s Labor Action.

Nor can there be any better time for obtaining subscriptions to Labor Action than the coming month which will close the three-month Subscription Drive. With the appearance of the regular Eight Pager, the subscription rates will necessarily be increased. A six-month sub will cost 50 cents and a yearly sub will be $1.00. Six-month subs obtained before the end of the drive are only 25 cents and will include at least four months of the new, enlarged Labor Action.

The Eight Pager deserves the expanded circulation which the Subscription Drive is aiming at. You can make your contribution to the Eight Pager by obtaining a sub for yourself right now – and three additional subs for your friends and fellow-workers by filling out the combination blank below and mailing together with $1.00 to the offices of Labor Action. Don’t put this paper down until you’ve filled out the combination sub blank! Don’t put this off until later! DO IT NOW! Support the Labor Action Subscription and Expansion Drives!

With only one month left to complete the three-month Subscription Drive, Labor Action needs some 1,700 subscriptions to reach the 5,000 goal. Every Branch of the Workers Party is going to devote the month of April to push the drive way over this goal. Those branches which have already gone above their quotas, or are nearing them, are now pledged to surpass them by large percentages. Chicago, for example, is out to get 500 subs by the first of May. Reading and San Francisco are scheduled to reach the top in the next week or so.

At a joint meeting of the Executive Committees of all the New York Branches, the subscription drive was the main point on the agenda. This body discussed the better organization of the activities of the branches in the drive and expressed genuine confidence that the New York Local will complete its quota of 2000 subs by May 1st.

A delegation of Workers Party members has been sent to the Atlantic City Convention of the United Auto Workers for the purpose of distributing the literature of the Workers Party and Labor Action. The early reports on the results of the first day’s distributions indicate that Labor Action is being enthusiastically greeted by many of the UAW delegates who recognize it as the fighting champion of the progressive forces in the union. The GM workers especially are grabbing up Labor Action because they know that it was on the picket lines with them, and that it gave wholehearted support to the full demands raised by the GM workers. Subscriptions for Labor Action from UAW delegates are coming in fast. Next week’s scoreboard will reflect the results.

Two more Labor Action SUNDAYS are scheduled – April 7 and April 21 – and on the basis of these the quotas of every Workers Party Branch should be fulfilled or surpassed. ALL OUT ON THESE DATES! PUT THE SUBSCRIPTION DRIVE ACROSS!

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