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Autumn 1990: Nationalism and the Class Struggle in Scotland (with Donny Gluckstein)

May 1995: Before disgraceland (book review)

Spring 1999: In perspective – Tom Nairn

Autumn 1999: The trouble with ‘ethnicity’

21 April 2001: STUC conference (letter)

December 2003: Scottish Revolution – They Took the High Road

July 2004: What did capitalism do for us?

August 2004: The ghosts of struggle haunt festival city

Autumn 2004: Isaac Deutscher – the prophet, his biographer and the watchtower (extended book review)

September 2004: Good Tradition (book review)

October 2004: How was this kingdom united? (interview)

13 November 2004: ‘Beyond expectations’ (strike report extract)

December 2004: Bourgeois Revolutions – On the Road to Salvation for all Mankind

June 2005: A History of Mutiny

August 2005: The myth of Britishness

Autumn 2005: When history failed to turn (book review)

10 September 2005: SSP get set for Livingston by-election

Winter 2006: There’s no place like America today (book review)

Spring 2006: Enlightenment and anti-capitalism

March 2006: Islam and the Enlightenment

6 May 2006: The 1926 general strike – nine days of hope

24 June 2006: No defence for the British empire

Winter 2006: Scotland – almost afraid to know itself? (book review)

Autumn 2006: Carnival, march, riot (book review)

December 2006: Third World Revolution

2 December 2006: Should Scotland become independent?

Winter 2007: The French Revolution is not over (extended book review)

Winter 2007: The French Revolution is not over (extended book review)

13 January 2007: Peter Howson – Andrew, Portrait of a Saint (art review)

July 2007: The Threat to Reason (book review)

21 August 2007: Tartan imperialism

20 November 2007: Tartan imperialism

Winter 2008: Reimagined Communities (extended book review)

26 February 2008: Stop Labour’s racist attacks on migrants

Spring 2008: Scotland’s new road to reform?

July 2008: Angus Calder, 1942–2008 (obituary)

Winter 2009: Walter Benjamin and the classical Marxist tradition

Winter 2009: Shock and awe (book review)

June 2009: Reason, Faith and Revolution (book review)

4 August 2009: Thatcher can teach us

25 August 2009: Myths and reality of Thatcherism – A response to Bob Fotheringham

November 2009: The Illusion of Freedom (book review)

November 2009: Root of this evil

8 December 2009: Neoliberalism is a failed ideology that lives on

May 2010: On Evil (book review)

Autumn 2010: From deflected permanent revolution to the law of uneven and combined development

Spring 2012: The politics of the Scottish independence referendum

May 2012: Bourgeois Revolution and the US Civil War (book review)

22 September 2012: Marxism – Hobsbawm’s unanswered question (book review)

January 2013: After RIC

Summer 2013: The neoliberal era in Britain

November 2013: The logic of conflict

Winter 2013/14: Is there anything to defend in Political Marxism?

25 February 2014: What do we mean by ... uneven and combined development?

Spring 2014: Revolutions between theory and history

29 April 2014: The evolution of the Scottish independence question

29 April 2014: Why Scotland Should Vote Yes

17 September 2014: The Radical Independence Campaign (interview)

November 2014: Scotland – The Social Movement for Independence and the Crisis of the British State (series) [ PDF ]

17 April 2015: #BBCdebate – a political earthquake is about to happen in Scotland

17 April 2015: Politics in the age of austerity – from above or below?

30 April 2015: Scotland Moves Left

18 May 2015: Notes from the new world of Scottish politics

29 June 2015: Neoliberalism against capitalism?

7 July 2015: Sunrise on the Scottish Left

September 2015: Indyref 2014 – Nation vs. Class

1 March 2016: EU debate – A socialist case for leaving the EU

6 April 2016: State and Nation (interview)

6 June 2016: What is neoliberalism? (letter)

20 June 2016: Why socialists should support a British exit

22 June 2016: The Socialist Case for Leave (interview)

22 July 2016: What would a British revolution look like – and how would it happen?

25 July 2016: Scotland After Brexit

Fall 2016: After Brexit

31 October 2016: The Age of Acquiescence (book review)

14 December 2016: Alan Rae (1950–2016) (obituary)

February/March 2017: Uneven and Combined Development – Modernity, Modernism, Revolution (series) [ PDF ]

Spring/Fall 2017: Choosing or refusing to take sides in an era of right-wing populism

15 May 2017: Understanding the British Election (interview)

15 June 2017: Corbyn’s triumph and what it means for the left (interview)

22 July 2017: The National Question, Class and the European Union (interview)

5 September 2017: The contradictions of Corbynism

12 January 2018: History from Below

May 2018: National self-determination

November 2018: Brexit, the ruling class and prospects for a left Labour government

20 December 2018: No exit from the Brexit crisis

Summer 2019: The Endless Brexit Crisis (interview)

July 2019: The hard-right today – Fascists and non-fascists

9 August 2019: Socialism After the United Kingdom (interview)

1 October 2019: Socialist Internationalism Against the European Union

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