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J. Deane

Busmen Fight for a Living Wage

(April 1948)

From Socialist Appeal, No. 57, April 1948, p. 2.
Transcribed by Iain Dalton.
Marked up by Einde O’Callaghan for the Encyclopaedia of Trotskyism On-Line (ETOL).

Mersey and Lancashire busmen are conducting a struggle for a decent minimum wage.

Cardiff workers have been on strike against the scandalously low wage rates and the insulting offer of the National Arbitration Council.

Every Transport Worker Must Join This Fight for a Living Wage

The wage rates of public transport workers are far below the national average wage for all workers. While the cost of living has increased, the real wages been reduced. Last October, the Union were mandated to negotiate for an increase of 30/–, or not less than 20/–. For months nothing has been heard of this claim until the strike of the Cardiff men and the heightened discontent nationally, compelled the employers to offer a sop through the N.J.I.C. Even this shameful offer of 7/6, which has been accepted as “reasonable”! by the officials, would not have been made without the strike of the Cardiff men.

One Industry – One Union!

The organisation of transport workers into two different unions plays into the employers’ hands. We have seen how an official meeting of the G.&M.W.U. refused admission to members of the T.&G.W.U. The bosses and their agents know that divided we fall, united we stand. The official unifying committee has not raised a whisper on behalf of the unite interests of busmen and tram-men.

Rank and file committees representing ALL workers engaged in the public transport industry must be formed. End the disunity, One Union for all transport workers!

Organise Thoroughly!

If the Union Leaders and Labour Ministers were interested in aiding the workers and preventing a prolonged struggle, they would have intervened on the side of the workers. In one day they could compel the employers to grant an increase of 30/–. Instead, they ask the workers to accept the offer of the N.J.I.C. and to remain at work!

The transport workers can only rely upon their own organised strength by:

The Revolutionary Communist Party (Trotskyist) offers its complete support to the transport workers. We believe it is the duty of all working class parties worthy of the name, to assist every section of the working class struggling for better conditions.

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