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Biography [biography provided from from their Bio-bibliographical sketches of selected Trotskyists page]


July 1931: In France – Economic Crisis and the Strikes

March 1932: New Tendencies in French Politics

Nov. 1945: Democracy or Bonapartism in Europe?

Nov. 1945: Bonapartism in Europe II

Jan. 1947: France Under the Fourth Republic

Oct. 1948: A Study in French Centrism

Jan. 1950: Political Crisis in France

Aug. 1951: Evolution of Eastern Europe

Dec. 1951: Imperialism Beckons “Third Camp”

June 1952: The Politics of French Stalinism

Dec. 1952: The Marty-Tillon Affair Reveals How Our Ideas Have Penetrated the PCF

1959: Trotsky’s Diary In Exile – 1935 (review)

1959: Eighty Years Ago

1964: Mr. X Versus de Gaulle

1967: The Transitional Program

June 1968: “We Will Emerge Stronger Than Ever!”

June 1968: May 1968 – First Phase of the French Socialist Revolution (book length article)

Jan. 1969: Otto Bauer – A Representative Theoretician of Austro-Marxism

1979: The Fourth International: The Long March of the Trotskyists (book)

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