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Sam Gordon


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November 1929: From an American in Berlin (letter)

December 1929: An Oppositionist in Berlin (letter)

January 1930: The Developments in Germany

March 1930: Conditions of the German Workers and the Communists

May 1930: In France – The Impending Crisis in the Party

July 1930: France – Opposition Progress

October 1930: The German Dilemma – Communism or Fascism – The C.P.G. in the Campaign

January 1931: Fight Back the Boss’ Offensive!

January 1931: Labor Faces Year of Fight to Live

April 1931: For Economic Collaboration with Russia

July 1931: Acute Crisis Shakes Germany and Central European Lands

July 1931: The Sanction of Betrayal at Leipzig

August 1931: Wage Cut Drive

September 1931: Mobilising the Labor United Front

September 1931: Party Breaks Meet in Malden

December 1931: Menace of Fascism Imperils Germany

January 1932: Hitler Prepares to Strike

January 1932: Japanese-American Conflict

January 1932: Japanese Invade Shanghai!

January 1932: Revolt Brewing in India

February 1932: Germany Before the Elections

February 1932: Imperialists Meet at Geneva

February 1932: The Latest Anti-Trotsky Campaign

February 1932: New Developments in Far East

February 1932: World Powers at Loggerheads

March 1932: Fake Peace Gestures in Far East

March 1932: The History of the Russian Revolution (book review)

March 1932: Results of the German Elections

March 1932: The “Revolt” in Congress

April 1932: After the Recent Elections in Prussia

June 1932: Bruening Government Falls!

July 1932: An Admission of Bankruptcy

July 1932: Lausanne Conference Near Collapse

July 1932: Aftermath of Lausanne

July 1932: What Next? – Book of Hour (book review)

August 1932: Communists Gain in Reichstag Elections

September 1932: Hitler and Junkers Vie for Power in Germany

November 1932: Fight for Left Opposition Proposals in Pittsburgh Hunger March Conference

February 1933: German Campaign – Pledge Solidarity at Cleveland Meet

February 1933: “In the Spirit of Stalin’s Letter”

March 1933: Cleveland Workers Hear Oehler

March 1933: The Hitler Press & “Moscow”

April 1933: Some Fundamental Aspects of the Present Crisis in Germany

May 1933: America Intervenes in European Conflict

May 1933: The C.I. Retraces Steps

June 1933: Nazi-Austrian Tension Brings Sharp Clashes

June 1933: Nazis, Poles Plot Attack on USSR

June 1933: Left Opposition Excluded at Anti-Fascist Congress

July 1933: Plan to End Relief in N.Y.

July 1933: Roosevelt’s Radio Speech Asks for Class “Peace”

September 1933: The Class Face of the N.R.A.

February 1944: New Trends in Nationalist Thought on the European Problems (book review) (as J.B. Stuart)

March 1944: Germany’s Prison Camps (book review) (as J.B. Stuart)

June 1944: A Brief Report on England (as J.B. Stuart)

July 1944: Cuba’s Elections (as J.B. Stuart)

June 1947: The Renault Strike (as T.J. Peters)

September 1950: Civil War in Korea (as J.B. Stuart)

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