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Peter Hadden

Campaign for workers’ unity

Introduction to a financial appeal for the
Labour and Trade Union Co-ordinating Group

(August 1976)

From The Militant [UK], Issue 317, 13 August 1976.
Transcribed and marked up by Ciaran Crossey.

Dear Sir and Brother,

£10,000 is chicken feed in comparison to the continuing awards made by Northern Ireland courts for the deaths by violence. Every worker in Britain contributes through his taxes towards the cost of death here. Would it not make more sense to contribute towards saving lives? At the moment the total compensation paid by the NI Office arising from violence is running at £205,000 per working day.

The task of healing the divisions which have been created and bringing about the unity of the working class would seem an impossible undertaking of the task becomes more essential every day.

To this end a group of trade unionists have formed the Labour and Trade Union Co-ordinating Group.

Needless to say, the work of the Group is greatly hampered by lack of funds. To rectify this situation we are launching an appeal to all trade unionists and labour orientated people to come to our assistance.

We hope that organisations with political funds may contribute to the campaign and additionally that individuals will assist to the maximum of their ability.

The Group would be pleased to provide speakers for any organisations which wish to hear first hand of the situation among workers in Northern Ireland and the work that the Group has undertaken provided expenses could be covered.

All monies should be sent to the Northern Bank, Connswater Branch, Belfast, for lodgement in account No 95.01.11.


Yours fraternally,
Peter Hadden

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