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Peter Hadden & Bill Webster

On Loyalist threat to ICTU Conference

Press Statement

(19 June 1986)

From Labour & Trade Union Group archives, June 1986.
Transcribed and marked up by Ciaran Crossey.

The recent threat from the Loyalist Workers Committee ’86 warning southern delegates to the forthcoming ICTU conference in Belfast to stay at home and branding Northern delegates who will be attending as “traitors and collaborators” must be ignored by the Trade Union Movement.

The ICTU, representing over 600,000 workers north and south, Catholic and Protestant, is the only genuine mass workers organisation in the whole of Ireland. As such the ICTU has the right to meet where and when it wants.

The ICTU should stand absolutely firm in relation to this latest threat. This point should be driven home by the organisation of a mass rally of thousands of rank and file trade unionists at the Kings Hall to open the Conference and the organisation of adequate stewarding by trade unionists throughout the week to protect all delegates.

The best answer which the Conference can give to the enemies of trade unionism such as those who have made this threat is to meet and to put forward a socialist lead to answer the problems of all workers here.

Issued by Bill Webster, Chairman & Peter Hadden, Secretary

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