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Peter Hadden

Montupet Strike raises basic issues

(May 1997)

From The News Letter, 21 May 1997.
Transcribed and marked up by Ciaran Crossey.

The Montupet strike is still holding solid with only a minority of production workers now back at work. Of the 29 workers served with injunctions, five have been singled out for court action.

The strike which began over pay is now about something much more fundamental. It is about the right to go on strike without the threat of injunctions and imprisonment. It is a battle not just for the Montupet workers but for all trade unionists and for the working class as a whole. If Montupet break this strike, it will be an open door to other employers to use the same jackboot methods.

If any strikers are sent to prison, workforces right across Northern Ireland should walk out and stay out until they are released.


Peter Hadden,
Socialist Party,
36 Victoria Square,

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