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Joe Higgins & Peter Hadden

Bush/Blair seek Peace Process alibi
to cover their responsibility for slaughter in Iraq

Inexcusable for anti-war political parties to participate in cynical Bush/Blair manoeuvre

(April 2003)

Press Statement, 7th April 2003.
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Marked up by Einde O’Callaghan for the Encyclopaedia of Trotskyism On-Line (ETOL).

The following statement is being issued by the Socialist Party as we participate in the anti-war demonstration against the Bush/Blair visit to Hillsborough, Belfast.

The visit to Northern Ireland by President Bush and Prime Minister Blair, allegedly to assist the Northern Ireland peace process, is understood by the vast majority of people to be a cynical manoeuvre. They seek to use the Peace Process as an alibi to cover the bloody slaughter that they have unleashed on Iraq.

It is abundantly clear by now that the reasons given for launching the invasion of Iraq were fraudulent through and through. In fact the invasion is, as widely recognised, a grab for Iraqi oil resources and an attempt to impose imperialist control over the Middle East region.

It is inexcusable that those political parties who claim to take a serious anti war position would participate in the cynical Bush/Blair manoeuvre. Their claim that they will make a verbal private protest to Messrs. Bush and Blair doesn’t negate the fact that their presence is being used by these leaders as a cover for their criminal actions on Iraq.

Even as battles wage on in Iraq, we demand an immediate end to the slaughter and that the Iraqi people are allowed to determine their own future free from local dictatorships and imperialist and multinational corporate interference.


Joe Higgins TD (Socialist Party representative in the Dáil)
Peter Hadden (Secretary, Socialist Party, Northern Ireland)

The Socialist Party is affiliated to the Stop the War Coalition and to the Irish Anti War Movement

For further information
contact Joe Higgins TD at 872943256 or Peter Hadden at 028 90232962

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