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Peter Hadden

What happened to Peace Deal cash?

(December 2004)

From Belfast News Letter, 16 December 2004.
Transcribed and marked up by Ciaran Crossey.

The press coverage of the failure of the parties to reach agreement on restoring the Assembly presented in great detail the proposals by the two governments for a comprehensive agreement.

This document shows that many issues were agreed upon by the parties involved.

A broad range of issues, including the executive and legislative proposals included in Annex A to Annex F, were agreed upon.

But an important part of the talks has not received widespread attention in the press. Why have the governments and parties not included an Annex G in their document? Annex G should include the financial package that was being negotiated by the parties.

Water charges was also being negotiated by the parties. Surely, if the Government can issue major statements from the IRA and DUP, they can produce the financial package that was agreed.

Why should the details of negotiations on a financial package remain secret?

There had been speculation that pounds 1billion would be made available to Northern Ireland as part of a deal.

If the money was available to invest in Northern Ireland at the beginning of the week, why is it not available now?

Why should the people of Northern Ireland suffer because of the failure of the political parties to agree a deal? Massive investment is needed in our public services, which are suffering from decades of under-investment. The money should be made available immediately.


Peter Hadden,
Northern Secretary,
Socialist Party

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