Denzil Harber

Three Short Letters to Leon Trotsky


Scanned and prepared for the Marxist Internet Archive by Ted Crawford and Paul Flewers.

(1829) T.L.s.; London, 20 Dec 1933. 1s.(1p.). E 165, (typewritten note)

10 Collingham Place



Dear Comrade Trotsky,

We enclose copies of the minutes of the Members’ Meeting of the British Section Communist League which took place on Dec. 17th and of our covering letter to the I.S. From these you will see the critical situation which has arisen in the British Section.

Yours fraternally

D.D. Harber

(for the Committee of the Minority)

Dec 20th 1933

* * * * *

(1830) A.L.s.; [same], 27 Dec 1933. 1s.(1p.). (handwritten note)

Dear comrade Trotsky

I enclose a copy of the letter which the comrades of the Minority of the British Section Communist League have sent the I.S.

Yours fraternally

D.D. Harber

Dec 29 1933

* * * * *

(1831) T.L.s.; Paris, 3 Aug 1936. 1s.(1p.) (typewritten note)

Paris, 3.8.36

Dear Comrade,

I enclose herewith a copy of a statement prepared by the B/L group in the British Labour Party and the Labour League of Youth. Unfortunately, time did not permit of its being translated for circulation to the delegates of the Geneva Conference, but at the request of Cde Braun, I am sending you a copy of the statement.

With revolutionary greetings

D.D. Harber

Delegate to Conference

ILP & LLY group of B/L

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