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Chris Harman

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Chris Harman has just died but this archive was created while he was still alive in order to provide an index of his works in magazines that are archived in various parts of MIA, this index is not an attempt to make a complete archive of his work. We will shortly be updating this archive.


Winter 1964/5: Osagyefo Pensant (book review)

Summer 1965: Sociological Strivings (book review)

Summer 1965: Stalin’s Great Shadow (book review)

Summer 1965: Tribune of the People (Part 1)

Summer 1965: Working Classes (book review)

Autumn 1965: Return to Utopia (book review)

Winter 1965: Irish Problems (book review)

Spring 1966: The Restoration (book review)

Spring 1966: Tribune of the People (Part 2) – The Wasted Years

Winter 1966/67: Join and Collapse (book review)

Spring 1967: Italian Theory (book review)

Spring 1967: Mud Cannot Split (book review)

Autumn 1967: Russia – How the Revolution was Lost

Autumn 1967: Marxist Morals? (book review)

Autumn 1967: Paper Radicals (book review)

Winter 1967/68: Success and Failure (book review)

Spring 1968: Gramsci (book review)

Autumn 1968: Vietnam (book review)

Winter 1968/69: Party and Class

June 1969: Czechoslovakia

June 1969: Ruling Ideas (book review)

December 1969: The Inconsistencies of Ernest Mandel (extended book review)

February 1970: Prospects for the Seventies – The Stalinist States

July 1970: Capitalism Eastern Style (book review)

February 1971: Bother on the Baltic (survey)

June 1971: The General Strike

Autumn 1971: The Common Market

Autumn 1971: Hue and Cry (book review)

July 1972: Hungary – Failure of Economic Reform (survey)

July 1972: Reply to M. Brinton on the Bolsheviks & Workers’ Control

January 1973: Russia in Crisis?

January 1973: US Arms for Chile’s Generals (survey)

March 1973: British Steel in Crisis (book review)

April 1973: The Politics of Soviet Agriculture (book review)

May 1973: British Steel in Crisis (with Rob Clay)

November 1973: In Brief (book review)

November 1973: Romania’s Ceausescu (book review)

November 1973: The Spanish Civil War (extended book review)

October 1974: Portugal – The First Six Months

March 1975: Marxist Economics and the World Today

March 1975: Note of Qualification

May 1975: Portugal

November 1975: Portugal – The Latest Phase

November 1976: Poland – Crisis of State Capitalism (Part 1)

January 1977: Poland – Crisis of State Capitalism (Part 2)

March 1977: One Small Mistake (letter)

April 1977: The Politics of Spain (book review)

May 1977: Gramsci versus Eurocommunism (Part 1)

June 1977: Gramsci versus Eurocommunism (Part 2)

July 1977: Better a Valid Insight Than a Wrong Theory

September 1977: Eurocommunism – The State and Revolution (extended book review)

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