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Julius Falk

Youth and Student Corner

(1 August 1949)

From Labor Action, Vol. 12 No. 31, 1 August 1949, p. 2.
Transcribed & marked up by Einde O’ Callaghan for the Encyclopaedia of Trotskyism On-Line (ETOL).

The Socialist Youth League is sponsoring for the benefit of its comrades and friends a national encampment during the week of September 11 through 18. The encampment is being held in picturesque southern Wisconsin.

Every feature of this encampment contributes to making it one of the most worthwhile educational and recreational projects held by the SYL, and it gives promise of being a stimulating and pleasurable week. Many SYL comrades and friends from all parts of the country will attend and will have an opportunity of meeting new and old friends, exchanging ideas and enjoying a healthy spirit of camaraderie.

The camp itself covers an area of fully 235 acres of woodland, farm area, fields and camp sites. The living quarters are ample and pleasant, with clean private rooms and modern toilet facilities. Choice foods are excellently prepared in old “German style” cooking and are served in cafeteria fashion in a large dining hall.

Among the camp’s more attractive features are bowling alleys for use at our convenience, a dance hall with juke box, a cold-water swimming pond, a baseball diamond, indoor and outdoor facilities for holding classes, a rathskeller serving the best Milwaukee brews and the broad expanses in which to enjoy the healthy Wisconsin climate.

Education, Too!

There will be a full program of socialist, education and discussion, cultural and social activities of various sorts, as well as an extensive recreational program.

The educational program as it is tentatively set up will consist of one or two courses in the basic theories of Marxism, a number of symposiums on important political questions, several lectures and seminars dealing with more specific problems facing the socialist movement and young socialists today. A representative of the National Committee of the Independent Socialist League will be on hand to participate in the educational activities and to talk to individual comrades separately and to give individual instruction where necessary.

A number of well-known socialists, members or friends of the movement, have accepted invitations and will also be present at the camp and will take an active part in the symposiums and the lectures. Members of the SYL will speak and everyone will have an opportunity to engage actively in serious political discussion. Moreover, discussions will be held of SYL activities and student work in various parts of the country.

Complete details of the educational program, the speakers and topics are being prepared and will be sent out as part of a special camp bulletin in about a month’s time.

Big Doings Scheduled

A thorough recreational and social program is now being worked out. It will include various sports activities such as baseball, touch football, volleyball, swimming, etc.

There will also be some social activity each evening: one night a special show by the Chicago SYL theatrical group, another evening a camp fire with weenie roast and folk songs, another evening a showing of Max Eastman’s film Czar to Lenin. As part of the concluding activities of the camp over the weekend of September 17–18, the SYL is jointly sponsoring with the Chicago Independent Socialist League a jamboree which will be held at the camp. At this time there will be a big ball game, picnic, etc.

The great value of this camp for individual friends and members of the SYL and the organization itself hardly needs to be pointed out. It is the first camp ever held by the SYL and its success will furnish an important impetus for and greatly contribute to the success of activities during the forthcoming year.

The SYL suggests to all and sundry that they make this their summer vacation. From those who wish to attend, they request a $5.00 deposit immediately, to be mailed to: Socialist Youth League, 114 West 14th Street, New York 11, N.Y.

The deposit will enable the league to make a down payment on the total expense to the owners of the camp. Cost per person for the entire encampment will be $20 to $25 (that includes the deposit).

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