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Alain Krivine


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6 June 1968: The Struggle in France (interview)

29 July 1968: The Role of the Trotskyists in the Revolutionary Explosion in France (interview, with Pierre Frank)

25 May 1969: First Trotskyist Candidate for President of France (interview)

23 June 1969: Alain Krivine’s Election Platform

August 1969: Letter of thanks

7 February 1970: The Fight for Democratic Rights in the French Army (interview, conducted by Richard Wood)

25 June 1973: ‘When Fascism Raises Its Head ...’ (interview)

10 August 1973: Defense campaign decisive to victory (interview)

22 April 1974: Krivine Describes Election Strategy (interview)

May 1974: Krivine’s Assessment – The ‘Allende of France’ (interview)

June 1976: French Left Discusses Prospects for Unity (debate, with Gilbert Hercet)

February 1977: Interview with Alain Krivine (conducted by Alain Tondeur)

October 1980: ‘For United Action Against Giscard and Austerity’ (interview)

14 November 1981: Mitterrand’s first six months in power (interview)

1988: “We are the heirs of May 68” (with Daniel Bensaïd)

July 2001: The future of the revolutionary left (debate with Alex Callinicos)

12 September 2001: Frankenstein’s Monster (on the attack in the US)

2004: Our History – Alain Krivine and Algeria

15 December 2008: From the LCR to the NPA (with Daniel Bensaïd, François Sabado, Pierre Rousset et al.)

9 May 2013: Algeria – Barbacha boils over

18 June 2015: François Vercammen, member of the Belgian section of the Fourth International (obituary)

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