ETOL Writers: Sherry Mangan

Sherry Mangan

(1904 – 1961)

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November 1937:

LaRocque Calls for Ban on National Congress of 4th International (as Terence Phelan)

December 1937:

Raids on ‘Hooded Ones’ Stir France; P.O.I. Calls for Workers Militias (as Terence Phelan)

January 1938:

Popular Front Breaks French Sit-Downs; Gov’t Calls Troops (as Terence Phelan)

June 1938:

France Under Daladier Moves Toward National ‘Sacred Union’ Gov’t (as Terence Phelan)

July 1938:

Labor Militancy Rises Anew in France; Progressives Gain Strength in Unions (as Terence Phelan)

August 1938:

French Worker Grow Restive Under Deepening Crisis; Strikes Break Out (as Terence Phelan)

November 1938:

Daladier Regime Is Leading France Swiftly to Fascism (as Terence Phelan)

March 1939:

Spanish Militants Describe Escape From Barcelona – Bolshevik Leninists Tell of the City’s Fall (as Terence Phelan)

March 1941:

The End of French Democracy (as Terence Phelan)

June 1941:

Chilean Trotskyists Unite (as Terence Phelan)

June 1941:

How Paris Fell (as Terence Phelan)

May 1942:

Washington’s Offensive in Latin America (as Terence Phelan)

August 1942:

The Real Situation in Argentina (as Terence Phelan)

February 1943:

A Reminder – How Hitler Came to Power (as Terence Phelan)

April 1943:

Woodrow Wilson and Bolshevism (as Terence Phelan)

May 1943:

What the Peacemakers Did to Europe (as Terence Phelan)

July 1943:

Behind the Argentine Coup (as Terence Phelan)


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