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2. Repression and freedom under workers’ power

Thanks to ruling class propaganda revolution is linked in many people’s minds with the guillotine and firing squads. As a result of Stalinism the post-revolutionary regime is often thought of as one of grey, repressive uniformity in which anyone who doesn’t toe the party line gets a visit at four o’clock in the morning.

Both these images are linked with specific historical circumstances – above all, the defeat of the Russian Revolution. As the previous section made clear, Marxists conceive of workers’ power as a vibrant workers’ democracy which would vastly increase the power, rights and freedoms of working people.

Nevertheless, it has to be frankly stated that some repression, some use of direct force, will be necessary not only to overthrow the capitalist state but also after the revolution to maintain workers’ power. The class struggle does not come to an end with the victory of the revolution, especially when we are as yet talking only about victory in one country.

Moreover, the very newness of the workers’ state will make its rule fragile.

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Last updated: 15 November 2015