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Left Opposition Active in Toronto Anti-Nazi Meet

(July 1933)

From The Militant, Vol. VI No. 36, 22 July 1933, p. 1.
Transcribed & marked by Einde O’Callaghan for the Encyclopaedia of Trotskyism On-Line (ETOL).

Toronto, Canada – The Left Opposition was the last contingent in the big anti-Fascist parade on Tuesday, July 12, and followed directly behind the “official” Left wing and Communist organizations.

Over 150 workers ... members, sympathizers and friends rallied behind our big masthead “The International Left Opposition of Canada.” This banner, in the centre of which was a big hammer and sickle, was carried by two young girl comrades, one of the Spartacus Youth Club and the other of the Y.C.L.

L.O. Slogans in Parade

As our contingent swung off, our comrades boomed out the International. Then followed a flow of revolutionary songs, The Red Flag, Solidarity Forever, The Red Army March etc. As we came up Spadina to Queen St., the “workers lining the streets applauded and cheered. As the march proceeded, the enthusiasm and spirit of our comrades rose still higher, and soon were shouting out the slogans of our banners, all of which breathed the spirit of International Solidarity and class struggle. “Free the Scottsboro Boys”, “Long Live the International Solidarity of the Working class”, “Free all the Class War Prisoners”, “Down with Section 98”, “Freedom for Chen Du Siu and Andres Nin”, “Forward to Victory Under the Banner of Lenin and Trotsky”, etc., etc.

We swung into Queen Park to the enthusiastic tune of the International. As our contingent proceeded to their station, they again shouted out the slogans of our prominent banners. When the Stalinists as if to reply to us, shouted “Long Live the C P. of Canada,” we joined in the loud unison. Then in order to reveal our identity our comrades immediately pealed out, “Long Live the Left Opposition”, “Forward to Victory under the Banner of Lenin and Trotsky.”

The speakers representing every tendency in the labor movement addressed the big crowd from 3 platforms. As comrade Spector took the platform we again shouted out the slogans of our banners amidst the general applause of the crowd. The same was repeated when comrade MacDonald stood up on a second platform.

The Left Opposition were active participants and organizers of the greatest and most militant labor demonstration since 1919, were able to show the workers the strength of its ideas, the enthusiasm and idealism of its banner-bearers, and the general growth of our movement. The militant character of our participation and banners, has already brought incitements and threats against us as well as the other revolutionary groups. We quote from The Toronto Telegram, July 13: “Nothing is more calculated to persuade Torontoans that Hitler was right than the presence in the Toronto demonstration of banners carrying such slogans as, ‘Victory under the Banner of Trotsky’, ‘We demand the abolition of Section 98’, and ‘Hands off the Young Communist League’, ... Unless ‘Victory under the Banner of Lenin and Trotsky’ and ‘Hands off the Young Communist League’ do not mean the advocacy of revolution, the English language has lost its meaning.” The editorial calls upon the police to take action.

What do the Stalinists say to the above? Is this another united front between Trotsky and the bourgeois press?

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