ETOL Writers Archive: F. A. Ridley

Frank Ambrose Ridley
1897 — 1994

Biographical Note



A Communist Party – The Problem of the Revolution in England, 1931

Marxism, History and a Fourth International, 1932

Socialism and Religion, 1940s

The Roman Catholic Church and the Modern Age, 1940

Fascism: What Is It?, 1941

Spartacus: A Study in Revolutionary History, 1944

The Evolution of the Papacy, 1949

World Politics – A British Socialist View, 1949

Spartacus: A Study in Revolutionary History, 1962

James Maxton and British Socialism, 1970

Three Lunar Voyages, 1977

The Future of the British Monarchy, 1982

Our Celestial Visitor (The Flying Virgin And Space Age Astronomy)



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