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November 1933: The Boycott of Fascist Germany (as Harry Strang)

December 1933: A Letter on the Hitler Boycott (as Harry Strang)

January 1934: F.W.I.U. “Fortress” Collapses (as Harry Strang)

January 1934: The Mystery of Van der Lubbe –“Dead Men Tell No Tales” (as Henry Strang)

February 1934: The Unpleasant Task of O. Piatnitsky and How Lenin Is Used to Help Him (as Harry Strang)

March 1934: The Daily Worker and the Hotel Strike

March 1934: Troyanovsky – 1916 and 1934 (as Harry Strang)

May 1934: Anti-Nazi Demonstration in N.Y. (as Harry Strang)

May 1934: Statement of Non-Partisan Labor Defense on German Deportees

December 1934: Leibowitz Plans Anti-Labor Trial for Scottsboro Boys (as Harry Strang)

April 1935: A Sacramento Juror Weeps

May 1935: The Forgotten Men in America’s No-Man’s Land (as Harry Strang>

May 1935: In the Service of His Majesty (as H.St.)

May 1935: Tobin Skunk Should Have CP Rat for Pal (letter) (as Harry Strang)

May 1935: Wrong on Mass Pressure Reader Says (letter) (as H.S.)

August 1935: A Labor Lieutenant and Top-Sergeant (as Harry Strang>

8 January 1938: Appeal View Confirmed in “Robinson”-GPU Mystery (as Junius)

15 January 1938: All Trails Lead to Stalinist Camp in the Robinson-Rubens Case (as Junius)

22 January 1938: Moscow Admits ‘Robinsons’ Held for ‘Espionage’ (as Junius)

29 January 1938: Moscow in Difficulty with Robinson Case (as Junius)

5 February 1938: Real Plan Behind Rubens Case Now Becoming Clearer (as Junius)

12 February 1938: Links Poyntz to ‘Robinson’ Spy Frame-Up (as Junius)

19 February 1938: Jury to Get New Facts in Rubens Case (as Junius)

26 February 1938: Fresh Light Is Cast on Poyntz Case (as Junius)

2 April 1938: Arrested Photographer a Stalinist Sympathizer (as Junius)

9 April 1938: Grand Jury Indicts Two in Rubens Mystery Case (as Junius)

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