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Colin Sparks

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As Colin Sparks is still alive, this index is not an attempt to make a complete archive of his work. Its purpose is to provide an index of works by Colin Sparks included in various parts of the MIA and ETOL.


September 1974: Fascism in Britain

December 1974: The Co-Operative Solution? The NVT Experience

March 1975: Revolution and Counter-Revolution in Chile (book review)

July 1975: Portugal – Chronology of Events

July 1975: Portugal – Glossary

January 1977: Fighting the Beast – Fascism: The Lessons of Cable Street

February 1977: The Bureaucracy in the TGWU

April 1977: The Reformist Challenge (extended book review)

June 1977: The National Front (book review)

November 1977: India – Introduction

Autumn 1978: Fascism and the working class: Part 1 – The German experience

Spring 1979: Fascism and the working class: Part 2 – the National Front today

Summer 1979: The debate on art and revolution

Summer 1980: Raymond Williams, Culture and Marxism

Winter 1981: ‘If at first you don’t succeed ...’: fighting against the bomb in the 1950s and 1960s (with Rip Bulkeley, Pete Goodwin, Peter Binns & Ian Birchall)

May 1984: ‘Democracy’ and the state (with Gareth Jenkins)

Autumn 1984: Towards a police state?

Spring 1985: Labour and Imperialism

Autumn 1988: The origins of Shakespeare’s drama

Summer 1991: Goodbye to the Swedish miracle (with Susan Cockerill)

Autumn 1996: Japan in crisis (with Susan Cockerill)

Spring 1997: The Tories, Labour and the education crisis

Spring 1998: The eye of the storm

Spring 2003: Inside the media

Spring 2007: Reality TV – the Big Brother phenomenon

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