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As Megan Trudell is still alive, this index is not an attempt to make a complete archive of her work. Its purpose is to provide an index of works by Megan Trudell included in various parts of the MIA and ETOL.


September 1994: No place like home (book review)

January 1995: Thumbs down (film review)

March 1995: The crazy gang (film review)

May 1995: Long in the tooth (book review)

Winter 1995: Living to some purpose (book review)

Wintery 1996: Who made the American Revolution? (book review)

Autumn 1997: Prelude to Revolution – Class Consciousness and the First World War

July 1998: New Labour, Old Conflicts – The Story So Far (book review)

Spring 2000: The Russian civil war – a Marxist analysis

Winter 2000: Setting the record straight (book review)

Autumn 2001: The pursuit of ‘unbounded freedom’ (book review)

Summer 2002: From tangentopoli to Genoa (book review)

Spring 2003: Rediscovering the revolution (book review) (with Mike Haynes)

Summer 2006: The hidden history of US radicalism

Autumn 2006: Deciphering the past (book review)

Winter 2007: Rifondazione votes for war

Spring 2007: Gramsci – the Turin years

Winter 2009: Obama and the working class vote

Spring 2009: Italy one year on

Summer 2009: Obama’s 100 days

Winter 2010: From a bang to a whimper: Obama’s first year

Winter 2011: Mad as hatters? The Tea Party movement in the US

Winter 2012: The Occupy movement and class politics in the US

Winter 2013: Why Obama won

Summer 2014: The changing history of the First World War

Spring 2015: Racism and resistance in the US after Ferguson

Spring 2016: Sanders, Trump and the US working class

Spring 2017: Donald Trump – A balance sheet

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