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T.N. Vance
(Ed Sard/Frank Demby)

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September 1937: Chautemps’ Rule Shaky Prices Rise (as Frank L. Demby)

October 1937: New Crisis Hits People’s Front Gov’t in France (as Frank L. Demby)

August 1938: Await Nazi Move in Czechoslovakia (as Frank Demby)

September 1938: War Crisis Curbs Strikes in France (as F.L. Demby)

November 1938: Letter to The New International (as Frank Demby)

August 1940: Prosperity Around the Corner? (as Frank Demby)

September 1940: Does Inflation Threaten? (as Frank Demby)

September 1940: Mr. Willkie Pulls a “Boner” (as Frank Demby)

September 1940: What Are the Facts on the Gov’t Excess Profits Swindle? (as Frank Demby)

November 1940: Arming for Boss War (as Frank Demby)

January 1941: American Capitalism Gets an Outline of Its Economic Program for the War (as Frank Demby)

January 1941: Stalin Supplies the Hitler War Machine (as Frank Demby)

January 1941: Stalin Orders Labor Peonage (as Frank Demby)

March 1941: The Breakdown of Soviet Planning Under Stalin (as Frank Demby)

March 1941: “Everyone” Must Sacrifice: Specially, Every Worker (as Frank Demby)

May 1941: Features of U.S. Imperialism (as Frank Demby)

May 1941: New Tax Proposals Hit Those Who Can Least Afford Them (as Frank Demby)

June 1941: Aircraft and Finance Capital (as Frank Demby)

July 1941: Congress Throws Burden of War Billions on Labor (as Frank Demby)

July 1941: Workers in Russia (as Frank Demby) (book review)

August 1941: And the Price of Food Will Go Up! (as Frank Demby)

August 1941: Economic Notes (as Frank Demby)

August 1941: Gloom in Wall Street (as Frank Demby)

August 1941: War Taxes Mount (as Frank Demby)

August 1941: What to Do About the Rise in Prices (as Frank Demby)

September 1941: After the War, What? (as Frank Demby)

September 1941: America’s War Economy (as Frank Demby)

22 September 1941: Economic Notes (as Frank Demby)

29 September 1941: Economic Notes (as Frank Demby)

October 1941: Suppose They Limit Profits To 6%, What Does It Mean? (as Frank Demby)

November 1941: A Capitalist Looks at the Economics of War (as Frank Demby) (extended book review)

November 1941: Treasury Plans War Cut in Wages! (as Frank Demby)

December 1941: Defense Housing Crisis Grows Acute (as Frank Demby)

December 1941: How the War Is Going to Affect Your Pocketbook! (as Frank Demby)

December 1941: New Price Bill Fails to Solve the Problem of the Rising Cost of Living (as Frank Demby)

February 1944: Toward a Permanent War Economy? (as Walter J. Oakes)

November 1950: After Korea – What?

1951: The Permanent War Economy (Parts I–VI)

March 1952: An Exchange on Nationalisation (correspondence with Kenneth MacKenzie)

April 1953: The Permanent War Economy Under Eisenhower

May 1953: The Myth of America’s Social Revolution (book review)

December 1953: Fear of Depression in the U.S.

March 1954: The Economic Outlook for 1954

May 1954: The Counterfeit Concept of Countervailing Power (extended book review)

Spring 1955: A.A. Berle’s Capitalist Revolution (book review)

May 1955: The Crisis in Distribution

January 1956: Economic Prospects for 1956

August 1957: An Amalgam of Marx and Keynes (extended book review)

March 1958: The Eisenhower Recession

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