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Jack Weber

March of Events

(15 June 1935)

From The New Militant, Vol. I No. 26, 15 June 1935, p. 3.
Transcribed & marked up by Einde O’ Callaghan for the Encyclopaedia of Trotskyism On-Line (ETOL).

Imperialist Objectives ...

The Hearst yellow press expresses most openly and brazenly the alms and objectives of American imperialism. Ever since Roosevelt’s recognition of Soviet Russia, dictated by the Japanese seizure of larger and larger slices of China and the futile attempt of American capitalism to call a halt to this process of political pressure, Hearst has been engaged in a vicious counter-propaganda to bring about the breaking off of this recognition. The recent decision of the boss class to push Japan into a war of intervention against the Soviet Union, as manifested by the withdrawal of consuls and military aides from Russia and the serving of notice for all the imperialist world that America did not contemplate a military alliance with Russia against Japan, was hailed by the yellow press as a first step in the right direction. Such articles as those of Representative Tinkham of Massachusetts attempting to prove the “repeated breaking” of the Litvinov pledge not to aid or foster any organization having as its aim the overthrow of American capitalism or the American government, were designed to press for etill further reactionary steps against the Soviets. And now to climax the black wave of chauvinism set in motion by the imperialists, there appears the article by the American Imperialist admiral, formerly commander of the Hawaii Naval Base, Yates Sterling. Every worker should read carefully this epitome of the major objectives of the American capitalist class in the coming war.

The Call for War ...

In essence Sterling issues a call to arms to capitalism against the menace of Bolshevism and proletarian revolution. This is the fundamental conflict of our epoch, the international outcome of the class struggle – the victory either of communism or of capitalism. In terms of this basic issue Sterling appeals to the nations of Europe – that is to the capitalist ruling class – to close the ranks, to present one united front against the Soviet Union. It would be a terrible blunder, he feels, for the capitalist nations to permit themselves to be divided into two camps by their relatively minor clashes of interests. “Soviet Russia remains an important, if not the most vital factor in any plan for the stabilization of Europe, yet the doctrines of Bolshevism ever remain a menace to all capitalistic nations. Will the rest of Europe divide against itself and give Russian propaganda an opportunity to drive a Red wedge between the divisions?” The American admiral then indicates how capitalism may revive its waning strength at the expense of Russia and China. Germany must convince the rest of Europe, in particular France, that her arming is solely for use against the Soviets.

“If Germany can make Europe believe that her rearming is against Russia, and that Russia is a great danger, might not the Little Entente fly asunder and realign itself with Germany against a common enemy – Communism? Where then will be the Franco-Russian pact?” Where indeed! Stirling hopes fervently for the appearance of a leader (Hitler ) with the driving power to unite capitalism under a single banner. “In the guise of such a great crusade, maybe yet inarticulate in men’s thoughts, cannot one see the outlines of a daring plan not only forever (forever, Admiral?) laying the ghost of Bolshevism but for opening up the fertile lands of Russia to a crowded and industrially hungry Europe?” The Marxist could set forth no more clearly the way in which capitalism hopes to issue from its general world crisis – by the method of war and plunder, the subjugation of the peoples of the Soviet Union and Asia. This is the only method known to imperialism in its desire to maintain the system of exploitation. The imperialists look with greedy eyes on the one-sixth of the globe under the banner of the Soviets, thereby cut off from capitalist exploitation and the making of profits. Stirling shows how the war will start the wheels of industry going – for the purposes of human and material destruction. The tens of millions of lives that will he sacrificed in this “crusade” will be counted well spent by the imperialists if they are shed for the preservation of a system rapidly decaying towards barbarism.

American Preparation

The United States is preparing just as feverishly as the other capitalist nations for the next world war. These preparations are not merely of a military technical nature. Stirling shows clearly the preliminary arrangements of political objectives in the coming catastrophe. It is no accident that Sterling writes in this fashion at this time. The American ruling class is preparing internally also for the conflict that will determine its future in Asia, its life or death. The scrapping of all pretences that the government seeks the “betterment” of the masses, the casting aside o! the shams of the NRA, the open and more and more brutal attack on the working class in this country, are all preparations also for the next war. The ruling class shows its mailed fist internally and externally to its greatest enemy, the world proletariat. And first and foremost to the American working class.

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