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Paris May-June 1968

In Paris in May 1968, massive confrontations between police and students brought workers out on a general strike and brought the government to the point of collapse.

The background to these events included: Collapse of the Bretton Woods Arrangements, the successful Tet Offensive in Vietnam, the Prague Spring, the growing influence of Maoism after the Sino-Soviet Split and the growth of Euro-communism, as well as the earlier crisis over Algeria.

The May 1968 events in Paris would be followed by clashes between police and students on countries all around the world, and would have a lasting political impact.

Supplement to May Made Me, an Oral History of the May 1968 Uprising in France, by Mitchell Abidor (mobi, epub).
Video Interview with Mitch Abidor, and podcast on Revolutionary Left Radio.

poster from May 68

Time Line from Le Monde
The Night of the Barricades, excerpts from Le Monde, May 12-13
An eyewitness account by a Libertarian Communist

Situationist Documents

Report on the Occupation of the Sorbonne
Address to All Workers by Students
Slogans by Students occupying the Sorbonne
Declaration by Students occupying the Sorbonne
Students Call for Occupation of the Factories
Students Call for Workers Councils

Anarchist Documents

To be an anarchist ...


La Cause du Peuple

Stop the Capitulators, June 2 1968
A Comrade is Dead, June 11 1968

Union des Jeunesses Communistes (Marxiste-Leniniste)

About the UJC(m-l)
Forward for the Long March of Youth, June 1968
Concerning the Dissolution, 13 June 1968

PCF Pamphlet against anarchists


Declaration by PCF Secretary General Waldeck-Rochet, 25 May 1968
Speech by Waldeck-Rochet, 31 May 1968
Communiqué of the CGT, 5 June 1968
Page One Statement in l’Humanité, 6 June 1968
Communiqué of the CGT, 6 June 1968


The Truth, March 22 Movement
1000 Wounded 3 dead Combat Gas, March 22 Movement, Nanterre. Comité d’Action Lycéen
Appeal, Parti Socialiste Unifié
Continue the Struggle, Parti Socialiste Unifié
Call for a General Strike on May 13, 1968
May 13 = Return to School
CFDT Declaration of May 13
Down with the Plebiscitary Referendum, Le Parti Communiste Internationaliste, May 15
Occupy the Odéon, Revolutionary Action Committee
Declaration of the Students of the Faculty of Medicine, UNEF-SNESup

Lutte Prolongee

The Sorbonne Is Open Round the Clock to Workers, University of Paris Occupation and Administration Committees
Proposal for the Internal Organisation of the Sorbonne
Communiqué, CGT Renault
The Red Flag of the Workers Floats over Renault
Reforms No, Revolution Yes, Revolutionary Action Committee. Odeon
Towards a Mass Leftism?, Jeunesse Communiste Revolutionnaire.
Trotskyist Unity by Alain Krivine, Pierre Frank, G. Kaldy, May 19
Unified Action of Students and Workers, Parti Socialiste Unifié.
Workers! Students!, Jeunesse Communiste Revolutionnaire. May 21
The Struggle Continues, Jeunesse Communiste Revolutionnaire.
Solidarity With the Greek People, General assembly of the Sorbonne
No to Police Power! by March 22 movement
It’s Only a Beginning, Let Us Continue the Combat, Worker-Student Action Committee
Demonstration of May 24, Strike Committee of the Science Faculty, May 24
Declaration of the Communist Representatives of the Paris Region, Pitié-Salpêtrière Section of the PCF;
No to the Plebiscitary referendum. Yes to popular revolutionary power, Marxist-Leninist Communist Party, May 25
Aujourd’hui – Issue Number 1, Jeunesse Communiste Revolutionnaire, May 29
Address To All Workers, Comite enrages - internationale situationiste, May 31
Forward to a Worker’s Government!, Parti Communiste Internationaliste, May 31
Paris: May 1968, Solidarity Pamphlet, June 1968


Information Commission of the Odeon, 16 May 1968;
At Ebb Tide, Positif, June-July 1968;
Editorial, Cahiers du Cinéma, June-July 1968;
The Revolutionary Committee of Cinema-Television, Cahiers du Cinéma, August 1968;
Revolution in/by the Cinema, Cahiers du Cinéma, August 1968;
Against Cannes, Cahiers du Cinéma, August 1968;

Tel Quel

The Revolution Here Now, Summer 1968.
Survivors, on the question of participation of Jews in May events;
Ephemera, from University of Kyoto;


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