The Resistance (France 1940-45)


Trotskyists under the Occupation


Pouvoir ouvrier La Verite 1944 La Verite May Day 1944
Yves Bodénes Pierre Gueguen Arbeiter und Soldat
Yves Bodénes, built a cell in Kerhuon near Brest, later head of the clandestine organization of Finistère Trotskyist; arrested by the Gestapo in October 1943 and killed at Camp Dora March 11, 1944. Pierre Gueguen, former mayor of Concarneau. In 1939, he rejected the Hitler Stalin Pact and become a pariah in the PCF. Bourhis and Gueguen were two anti-stalinist communists shot with 20 other PCF militants in Chateaubriant in 1941.
George Berthomé Robert Cruau Andre Calves  
Georges Berthomé, an activist in Robert Cruau's cell, arrested in October 1943, killed in a concentration camp. His brother was also deported but narrowly escaped death. Robert Cruau (Max) Postmaster at Nantes, then in charge of agitation in the German army at Brest. Killed on the day of his arrest at the age of 22 years, in October 1943. In 1938, the Truckdrivers' Clan became red. André Calvès was alias "Ned" for the PCI, alias "Christian Garnier" for the FTP.
German Prisoners
A column of German prisoners at Liberation, led by the FTP. The man with the rucksack speaking to a man with the white jacket on the right is André Calvès, FTP to the Trotskyist St Just company, editor of La Vérité, a former lieutenant in the group "Tactique" of the Lorraine.
Lucien Braslawski Joffé Henri Souzin  
Marcel Hic The Immortals August 1945  
St Just and Moquet Company
FTP of the Just Company, the Guy Moquet Company and others, in August 1944. The FTP are on a car at the town hall of the XIXe district. From right to left, from rear to front: 1st rank: Gilbert Cot, Jo Guell, unknown, unknown, 2nd rank: Guy Drammand, Andre Calvès, Albert Gumpick, Madeleine Riffaut, unknown. 3rd rank: Brantonne, unknown, Max Grooving.