Third Congress of the Communist International – Resolutions

The March Action and the Situation in the VKPD

Source: Published in To the Masses: Proceedings of the Third Congress of the Communist International, 1921 (, pp. 951.
Translation: Translation team organized by John Riddell
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The Third World Congress is pleased to note that all important resolutions, and particularly the portion of the resolution on tactics and strategy that takes up the much-disputed March Action, have been adopted unanimously. The representatives of the German opposition, in their resolution on the March Action, share for the most part the point of view of the congress. The congress regards this as evidence that unified and harmonious work inside the VKPD on the basis of the Third Congress decisions is not only desirable but practicable. The congress considers that any further splintering of the forces inside the VKPD, any factional formation – let alone a split – is a grave danger for the movement as a whole.

The congress expects of the Zentrale and the VKPD majority that it will treat the former opposition leniently, provided that it carries out the Third Congress decisions in a loyal fashion. The congress is convinced that the Zentrale will do everything possible to draw together all the forces in the party. The congress instructs the former opposition to immediately dissolve any factional structure within the party, to fully and completely subordinate the parliamentary fraction to the Zentrale, to completely subordinate the press under the relevant party committee, and to immediately cease any political collaboration (in their publications, etc.) with those expelled from the party and the Communist International.

The congress instructs the Executive to closely follow the German movement’s further development and, if there is the slightest breach of discipline, to take energetic measures.