Communist Party of Soviet Russia

A Circular of the Russian Central Committee

Source: The Communist Review, May 1921, Vol. 1, No. 1.
Publisher: Communist Party of Great Britain
Transcription/HTML Markup: Brian Reid
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The newly elected Central Committee of the Russian Communist Party has made the following appeal to all members of the Party:—

“The Tenth Congress of the Russian Communist Party has subjected to a careful review all the work carried out by the Party during the last twelve months. Those months were rich with extremely important events, teeming with historical lessons. During the last three months the Party occupied itself with a number of questions bound up with the further fate of the Revolution. The Party is seeking for ways and means of uniting the labouring masses. The Party has considered the question of how best of all to attract the industrial unions into the work of developing production. The discussion on this question created great agitation, amongst the members of the Party. The Tenth Congress of the R.C.P. put an end to all these differences of opinion. The enemies of our Party and of the Soviet Republic are attempting to utilise our divisions and to represent them as the demoralisation of our Party. The Tenth Congress of the R.C.P. has shown that our Party was and is united, and that iron discipline and fraternal co-operation have united together all the members.

“The course of events has brought before us a number of new problems. The Congress had to revise our food policy and devote particular attention to the mutual relations of the town proletariat and the peasantry. The Congress has had also to consider very important questions of Party work and of the policy of the Communist International. In the discussion of these extremely important questions the complete unanimity of the Party was displayed. Every form of sectional policy was brought to an end.

“Events had shown that we began too soon to speak of the arrival of an epoch, of peace in the, life of the Soviet Republic. Although the war at the fronts is over, our enemies are still fighting us and adopting new weapons. The war carried on by the Entente agents, the Mensheviks, the Socialist Revolutionaries, and the Cadets, within the country is no less dangerous, since the masses are exhausted and enfeebled by seven years’ warfare. This state of things demands of the Party still more unity, steadiness and discipline than in the struggle against Denikin, Koltchak, and Wrangel.

“The working men of Soviet Russia, through the agency of their advance guard, the Communist Party, have made a practical proposal to the peasantry which must lead to a strengthening of the union of the workers and peasants. Every member of the Party is bound to devote all his energies to work amongst the peasants, explaining to them the complexity of the present situation, and telling them of the decisions of the Party Congress.

“The Tenth Congress of the R.C.P. has shown to the on-party masses that the Communist Party will do its utmost in the defence of the proletarian dictatorship. All members of the Party must remember that the more strong and united is our Party the easier will it be to overcome the difficulties of the situation, and the less hesitation will there be amongst the non-party masses and the semi-proletarians.

“Very important also are the decisions of the Tenth Congress an the subject of party work. The Party is not striving to increase the number of its members, but to raise the general level of every member of the Party. The Congress decided to put an end to bureaucracy and restore to the full the connection between the Party and the great masses.

“All members of our Party must recognise that the Russian Communist Party is the leading party of the Communist International, and should be an example of all the parties who are struggling for the world revolution. The Russian Communist Party must become an example of solidarity and unity to the class-conscious workers of the whole world. For this reason all the members of the Party must fraternally co-operate to work in the spirit of the resolution of the Tenth Party Congress.


Rosta, March 26th.