An Appeal of the Communist Party of Georgia

Source: The Communist Review, May 1921, Vol. 1, No. 1.
Publisher: Communist Party of Great Britain
Transcription/HTML Markup: Brian Reid
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The Georgian Communist Party has addressed the following appeal to the Communist Parties of workers of all countries:—

“The repeated insurrections of the Georgian workers and peasants against the bourgeois Government of Menshevik traitors, have at last been crowned with success. During the last days of February the victorious attack of the insurgents, supported by the workers’ and peasants’ Red Army, overthrew the vile Government of social traitors headed by Jordania and Ramishvile, and inaugurated the Soviet regime in Georgia. The news of this revolution was a thunderbolt for the Anglo-Franco-American bandits, for whom Menshevik Georgia was the principal base for the exploitation of the toiling masses of the near East.

“The victorious robbers of Great Britain, France, and other countries, and behind them their secret agents, the bankrupt chiefs of the Second International, set up their usual howl and set all their machinery at work to desecrate the social revolution in Georgia. The Socialist renegades, traitors to the working class, Kautsky, Renaudel, Vandervelde, Macdonald and Co., recently visited Georgian Mensheviks at the request of the Entente imperialists; and those who sanctioned all the sanguinary crimes of the latter against the workers and peasants are today doing their utmost to persuade the proletarians of Europe and America that the Georgian revolution was carried out by Muscovite conquerors, and that they little people oŁ Georgia had been violated, and so on. One may ask where were these gentlemen when the Menshevik Government was violating the, rights of the workers and peasants of Georgia, and drowning national minorities in blood? Messrs. Kautsky, Renaudel, Vandervelde and Co., were silent when the Georgian Mensheviks, in alliance with the counter-revolutionary bourgeoisie and victorious imperialism, were active, against workers’ and peasants’ Russia. They only began to wail on the day when the Menshevik usurpers were overthrown and the people of Georgia at last breathed freely. Why should they see here Muscovite conquerors in place of the workers and peasants and small nationalities of Georgia, who had been oppressed by the Menshevik jingoes?

“Insurrection against the usurpers! What is at the back of all their treacherous and hypocritical insolence? The Red Army came into Georgia at the appeal of the insurgents and of their revolutionary committee. Without it the insurgents would all have been destroyed, and the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie in the shape of the Mensheviks would have been restored. That is what would have delighted Kautsky and Co.

“In the name of the labouring masses of all nationalities that inhabit the Georgian territory, the Communist (Bolshevik) Party of Georgia declares to all the workers of all countries that far from being strangled, the Georgian people has to-day been liberated from the yoke of the Menshevik and bourgeois usurpers.

“The best reply to the calumnies and vile insinuations of all the agents, visible and secret, of the counter-revolutionary capitalist classes of the world, is the fact that the establishment of the Soviet regime and the arrival of the Red Army are everywhere hailed with enthusiasm by the Georgian workers, and by all national minorities.

“No less worthy of attention is the fact that all parties and groups—such as the Socialist Revolutionaries, Left Federalists, Left Syndicalists, Communist Maximalists—denounced the Menshevik usurpers from the very first day, and have now rallied themselves on the side of the Soviet Government.

“In this way the overwhelming majority of the Georgian people, with the Communist Party and all the Left Socialist parties or groups at its head, have been unanimous in rejoicing at the downfall of the Menshevik Government, and at the establishment of the Soviet regime and the dictatorship of the workers and poor peasants in Georgia.

“The Mensheviks impudently deceived the peasants no less than the workers by their policy of jingoism and imperialism. They drove to distraction all the little nationalities settled for centuries upon Georgian territory. Their policy proved completely bankrupt; and that is why the fall of the Menshevik Government was inevitable.

“After that experience, it was only the Soviet regime that could be freely installed in the country.

“Long live the universal proletarian revolution!

“On behalf of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Georgia.

Exploité, March 31st,