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The United States of Europe
Thoughts on Trotsky’s “The United States of Europe”

Source: The Communist Review, November 1923, Vol. 4, No. 7.
Publisher: Communist Party of Great Britain
Transcription/Markup: Brian Reid
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Under this heading readers are invited to state their personal opinion upon any question of vital importance to the working class.


Dear Comrade,

May I, through the columns of the “Forum,” air my views regarding L. Trotsky’s article in the October issue of the “Communist Review” on the U.S. of Europe.

That the theory of this subject is in accordance with the views of Communists is, of course, generally understood, the point in controversy being, “is the time ripe for such a slogan?” However, taking into consideration the psychology of the average worker, and also the ideology that has been instilled into his mind by the powers that be, there are, in my opinion, several obstacles which must be overcome before we can really propagate that slogan.

Coincidental with Trotsky’s article, the “Observer” of October 7th publishes an article by Austin Harrison on the U.S. of Europe. The theme of this article is representative of the bourgeois standpoint, but nevertheless, some of the obstacles he puts forward are only too real to be overlooked.

Let us take that of national and religious feeling. In spite of the lessons to be learned from the war, we still find members of the working class who look upon their fellow-workers in countries foreign to their own with contempt and “superiority,” and generally regard them with hostility. Also, from time to time we read of Pogroms and other disturbances between different religious sects.

I, personally, cannot help feeling that, as a stepping-stone to the title-subject, we need some mediating slogan, and I would suggest:—

“International and Inter-racial Brotherhood.”

What do our comrades think about it?

S. MUSCOVITCH, (Y.C.L.—Stepney Branch.)