Tim Buck

Lenin and Canada

First Published: Progress Books: Toronto, 1970
Source: Book;
Transcription/Markup: Kenneth Higham and Mike B.
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Tim Buck
Tim Buck, celebrated by a crowd.

Chapter 1: The Canadian Labor Movement Before the Great October Revolution

Chapter 2: From Confusion to United Purpose

Chapter 3: Lenin and the Founding of the Party of a New Type in Canada

Chapter 4: From ‘Political Inexperience’ to the Struggle for Leninism

Chapter 5: Irreconcilable Theoretical Polemics

Chapter 6: Lenin and the Character of the Canadian State

Chapter 7: Lenin and Canadian Independence

Appendix: Lenin — A Man for All Time

Appendix: New Level of Struggle for Freedom, Peace and Socialism

Appendix: Lenin and Today’s Problems in the Trade Union Movement

Appendix: Audacity: Your Name Was Lenin