Russian Social-Democratic Labour Party Second Congress

Congress Agenda [1]

1. Constitution of the congress. Election of Bureau. Establishment of congress standing orders and agenda. Report by the Organising Committee and election of a credentials commission.

2. The place of the Bund in the RSDLP.

3. The party programme.

4. The Party’s Central Organ.

5. Delegates’ reports.

6. Party organisation.

7. Territorial and national organisations.

8. Particular groups in the Party.

9. The national question.

10. Economic struggle and the trade union movement.

11. Celebration of May Day.

12. The international socialist congress in Amsterdam in 1904.

13. Demonstrations and uprisings.

14. Terror.

15. Internal problems of Party work:

(a) organisation of propaganda

(b) organisation of agitation

(c) organisation of party publications

(d) organisation of work among the peasantry.

(e) organisation of work in the armed forces

(f) organisation of work among students

(g) organisation of work among the sectaries

16. Attitude of the RSDLP to the ‘Socialist-Revolutionaries’.

17. Attitude of the RSDLP to Russian liberal trends.

18. Election of the Central Committee and of the editorial board of the Central Organ.

19. Election of the Party Council.

20. Procedure for publishing Congress resolutions and minutes, and also for entry into their duties by the functionaries and institutions elected by the Congress.



[1] For Lenin’s draft of the agenda and standing orders, with commentary, see Collected Works, Vol. 41, pp. 78-84.