The Worker January 1916

Prussian Patriotism –
An Alliterative Article.

Source: The Worker no.4, 29 January 1916 p. 5;
Transcribed: by Ted Crawford.

“Patriotism” of the Prussian species is a productive plant. Reared in the fertile soil of parochial prejudice, its rare and refreshing fruit is nurtured and ripened by Parliamentary “Piffle,” until it blossoms forth in the form of prosecutions and persecution. This alliteration is getting on my nerves, gentle reader, and if it has the same effect upon yours it may serve to designate the forces that are presently up against those who are out to retain a semblance of freedom. No word in the language has been more abused since the beginning of the war than “Patriotism.” Between the Paganism of yesterday and the Patriotism of to-day there is only a difference in name. Paganism slew the prophets. Patriotism would hang the peace-maker up by the thumbs. Most of us would prefer to be slain by the Pagan rather than succumb to the tender mercies of the “Patriot!” Every imaginable outrage may be perpetrated to-day if one is only careful to act in the sacred name of Patriotism. A Patriotic Parliament winks at a Patriotic Press which incites soldiers to interfere with the right of Free Speech, or accuses the Clyde workers of being bribed by German gold. The Patriotic Pledge of a Patriotic Premier paves the way for Prussian Patriotism. The pulpit is preaching Prussian Patriotism, the Press is prattling Prussian Patriotism, and Parliament is practicing Prussian Patriotism. It is the Patriotism of Prejudice, the Patriotism of the plunderer and the pilferer, the Patriotism of the Property-owner, the Profit-monger and the Plutocrat. Perish “the Patriot!”