History of Palestine


Palestine Research Center Materials

Essays On the Israeli Economy, ed. Yusuf Shibl, February 1969
Interaction of Political, Military and Economic Factors In Israel, by Angelina Helou, February 1969
Memoirs of A Prisoner, by As'ad Abdul Rahman, February 1969
Palestine In Focus, by Sami Hadawi, ed. Yusif A. Sayigh, August 1969
The American Community In Lebanon and The Palestine Problem, by Bassem Sirhan, December 1969
An Examination of Documents On Which the State of Israel Is Based, by Bhim Singh & Angelina Helou, September 1970
Village Statistics 1945: A Classification of Land and Area Ownership In Palestine (Partial Scan), by Sami Hadawi, September 1970
Towards A Democratic State In Palestine, by Mohammad Rasheed, November 1970
Aims of the Palestinian Resistance Movement with Regard to the Jews, 1970