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“The Proletarian Party and Its Work,”; by John Keracher. [Jan. 1929] Keracher, the leading figure in the Proletarian Party, outlines the organization’s history and political philosophy in the loosest of terms in this article which first appeared in the Jan.-Feb. 1929 issue of the Party’s official organ, The Proletarian.



The 'Achievements' of the CC Plenum: Statement of the Communist Party-Majority Group. [Nov. 15, 1929] From Nov. 6-8, 1929, the Communist Party USA held the first plenum of its Central Committee in nearly 11 months. This is the critique of the changes and policies of the CPUSA established at this CC plenum by the Communist Party-Majority Group, headed by former CP Executive Secretary Jay Lovestone. The plenum approved a “new line”thesis, which the CPMG characterizes as “the most shameful document in the history of our Party,”including erroneous views of the international situation and the domestic economic situation, as well as a vague program which utterly underestimated the Negro question and the agricultural situation. Furthermore, the CC added 12 new members to replace those expelled in the recent party controversy, resulting in 9 of 15 places on the Political Committee for the “bankrupt, discredited Foster Group.”