Summers to Lansing on Semenov and Macgowan; On German advance

File No. 861.00/1810

Moscow, April 27, 1918, 7 p.m.
[Received May 16, 8:05 p.m.]

434. [First paragraph not transcribed]

    This morning neither the official nor unofficial press prints any further important news respecting developments in Siberia. Jenkins telegraphs from Chita fourteen dead Red Guards brought from Manchurian front. Evidently considerable fighting, and Semenov is gaining ground. Macgowan telegraphs order of Siberian Commisary, Foreign Affairs, forbidding acceptance code messages from foreign consuls. This will very seriously embarrass work there. Am endeavoring have order canceled.

    Continued exchange of notes with Berlin respecting violations of Brest treaty, arising from continued German military advance. [Omission] reports Finnish White Gaurds have taken Fort Ino on mailand opposite Kronstadt, barely twenty-fixe miles from Petrograd and in conceded Russian territory. Finnish governmnet detaining five Russian Red Cross ships at Helsingfors.

    In south [omission] and official press bureau admits German advance to within short distance of Lugansk city. Apparently well grounded rumor that Germany will support Ukraine in demand that Tsaritsyn be included in Ukraine border, thus giving control Bolga trade. See my 402. In Caucasus, Turks having taken Batum and Ardakhan, are advancing on Kutais on way to Tiflis. Probably aim at complete control railway to Baku on route to Turkestan.


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