Francis to Lansing on Allied military, diplomatic progression, and address to Russian people

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Vologda, July 4, 1918
Received August 26

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    [First paragraph not transcribed]

    The feeling in Vologda is very friendly towards the Embassy as it is realized that we have added much to the reputation of the city. The mayor, Mr. Alexandrov, ... who was elected by direct vote of the people before the October revolution, and the ad joint mayor. Mr. Zubov, a Cadet, were present notwithstanding they were removed from office last week by a representative of the central Soviet government at Moscow named Kedrov who has, after arresting and sending to Moscow the city duma of Archangel, stopped at Vologda on his return trip and placed the local Soviet in the full control of municipal affairs.

    The Soviet government at Moscow has had a representative here in the person of one Mr. Vosnesenski, who occupies the position of head of the Far East Division in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Vosnesenski is a shrewd Jew and is not lacking in self-complacency or audacity. He was sent to Vologda to ascertain whether the Allies had concluded in principle to intervene but got no satisfaction from me and I do not think he received any definite information from any of my colleagues.

    There are many rumors current concerning the advance of the Allied troops or detachments which we are hourly endeavoring to confirm. Authentic reports are to the effect that the landing of Allied forces will be resisted at Archangel; they are in possession at Murmansk however and the local Soviet there is friendly to the Allies because it has seen finally what has been evident to Allied representatives for some time and that is that the central soviet government is absolutely under the domination of Germany.

    I have the honor to enclose herewith copies in English and in Russian of a statement made by me to the Russian people today; this has been published this morning in the local Vologda Listok and I have ordered 50,000 copies of the Russian for distribution purposes....

    I have [etc.]

David R. Francis


Statement of the American Ambassador in Russia (Francis) to the
Russian People, July 4, 1918

    [ 5 paragraphs on the formation of America not yet transcribed]

    We are now engaged in the greatest war of history- a world war in fact- and so earnestly have we taken part that the spirit of our people is aroused as never before. We have not the slightest doubt as to the outcome. Russia is interested in this war as no other country is interested because she will lose most in the event of the victory of the Central Empires. My country and all of the Allies consider the Russian people still in the struggle. We do not observe the Brest Litovsk peace. Surely no Russian who loves his country and looked with pride upon her greatness is going to tamely submit to her dismemberment and humiliation.

    [Skipped paragraph on Wilson vows to stand by Russia. I appologize for these excepts, when I find this book again, I will fill in this information.]

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