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Labor Defender

Cover Art

Labor Defender had a mix of interesting art work and photographs used in it’s cover art, the logical artistic development of its predecessors, Masses and The Liberator. Below are a list of these covers from our collection of Labor Defenders. However, we do not have all the covers for every issue displayed and we have some covers for some issue we do not actually have. In other words the list below does not match what we have on the main Labor Defender page. The thumbnails for each issue on the main page shows a small represenation of this. Click on the thumbnails below to see the full size high resolution rendition of each one.


May 1926

May 1926

Oct 1926

Dec 1926

Mar 1927

Jun 1928

Jul 1928

Sep 1928

Oct 1928

Feb 1930

Nov 1934

Jul 1936