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Wilshire’s Magazine


Running from 1900, and originally titled The Challenge, Wilshire’s Magazine was one of the most widely circulated socialist journals in U.S. labor history. Please read carefully the detailed introduction written by Howard H. Quint for Greenwood Reprints which is reproduced in the first volume listed below. Each volume linked below represents multiple issues of the magazine. Scanned by Google from the 1968 Greenwood Press Reprint.

Vol. 1-2, Dec 1900-Oct 1901 [530MB]
Vol. 2-4, 1901-1902 [389MB]
Vol. 5, 1903 [429]
Vol. 6, 1904 [163MB]
Vol. 6, 1904-1906 [648MB]
Vol. 11-13, 1907-1909 [916MB]
Vol. 14-17, 1910-1915 [324MB]


Trusts and Imperialism by Gaylord Wilshire
Wilshire Editorials by Gaylord Wilshire

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