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The Soviet Art of Photography

Social Services


Russia, Lenningrad

At Leningrad Primary School, a young girl discovers the world a microscope reveals. The Soviet government spent enourmous sums of resources and money to ensure schools had the best possible equipment. (circa 1950s)
Young children simulate lightning and thunder during a lesson about the weather in this newly built school. (circa 1950s)
Young pioneers work together in a scouting exercise, while they compete in tent-pitching, hiking, and cooking. Unlike their counter-parts the U.S., Soviet pioneers included children from both sexes on equal terms, not seperating them into different organisations to fill stereo-typical roles.(circa 1950s)

Russia, Misc

A Russian schoolgirl. (circa 1980s) University students prepare for their final exams in Baku. (circa 1950s)

Russia, Moscow

Students at Moscow University browse books for their courses. Young children stand in red square, waiting to become a part of the young pioneers.

Health Care

Russia, Irkutsk (Dr. Nelya Spiridonva)

Nelya buys candy for her roomate. Nelya examines a patients chest. She started Medical school, like most Soviet medical students, at 18 years old, and will graduate when she is 24.
Nelya examines the reflexes of her patient, while a doctor supervises her. Nelya spends about 30 hours a week in class and laboratories. She spends about 15 hours in study hall, and during her free time? She studies ballet.
Nelya has lunch with her comrades.
(circa 1950s)
Children dance in free day care, while their parents work. (circa 1950s)



A worker gets a massage after work. (1980s) Vacationing workers lay out for the sun at the Sochi resort on the Black Sea.(1950s)
In the Soviet Union, a factory or office would close for acouple weeks to give all it's workers time off. Many choose to spend their time vacationing together, as these miners, exercising in the morning at the Sochi resort on the Black Sea. (circa 1950s)

Russia, Moscow

A couple relax on the weekend in a boat in Gorki Park. (circa 1950s) Children taking skating lessons in Lenningrad park. (circa 1950s)

Russia, Tien Shan Mountains

On Lake Issyk-Kul, workers on vacation take a boat ride. (circa 1950s)


Ukraine, Kiev

Workers play basketball in Kiev's Dynamo Stadium. (circa 1950s) Young rowers prepare to go out on the water in an eight-person shell. (circa 1950s)

Russia, Moscow

The magnificent Larisa Latynina displays her beautiful athletic poise. Larisa won 9 gold medals in the Olympics. (circa 1950s)


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