Central Executive Committee
Resolution on Relation of the Central Executive Committee to the Sovnarkom

Written: November 17/30, 1917
Source: James Bunyan and H.H. Fisher, The Bolshevik revolution, 1917-1918: Documents and materials, Stanford University Press; London: H. Milford, Oxford University Press, 1934, p. 189.
Translated: Emanuel Aronsberg
Transcription/Markup: Zdravko Saveski
Online Version: marxists.org 2017

1. In accordance with the decision of the Second All-Russian Congress, the Soviet of People's Commissars is wholly responsible to the Central Executive Committee.

2. All legislative acts and important ordinances of a general political character are to be submitted to the Central Executive Committee for examination and ratification.

3. Measures relating to the fight against counter-revolution may be taken directly by the Soviet of People's Commissars with the reservation of its responsibility to the Central Executive Committee.

4. Once a week each of the People's Commissars will give an account of his acts to the Central Executive Committee.

5. An immediate reply will be given to interpellations made by the Central Executive Committee. An interpellation, in order to be valid, must be presented by at least fifteen members of the Central Executive Committee.