Decree on the Extraordinary Commission on Food and Transport

Written: February 15, 1918
First Published: Pravda, No. 26, February 15, 1918, p. 2.
Source: James Bunyan and H.H. Fisher, The Bolshevik revolution, 1917-1918: Documents and materials, Stanford University Press; London: H. Milford, Oxford University Press, 1934, p. 661.
Translated: Emanuel Aronsberg
Transcription/Markup: Zdravko Saveski
Online Version: 2017

1. In order to supply the people with food and other necessities of life an All-Russian Inter-Departmental Extraordinary Commission is being organized. This Commission is to guard the railways. It is to be made up of the Commissar of Railways, the Chairman of the Central Committee on Army Supplies, and the Vice-Chairman of the Council of Supplies.

2. All the existing organizations having to do with the guarding of the railways are merged in the new Commission .....

5. The Commission is to make merciless war on speculation and the transportation of food without authorization.


President of the Sovnarkom