1 March 1918
Kluchnikov & Sabanin, ii, p. 120

    The Council of People's Commissars of the RSFSR and the Council of People's Plenipotentiaries of the Finnish Socialist Workers' Republic, in order to strengthen the friendship and brotherhood between the two said free Republics, have concluded the present treaty:

    1. The RSFSR transfers to the FSWR all immovable property (in Finland) belonging to the Russian Republic or to Russian State institutions, both as to rights of ownership and rights of use....

    2. On its part the FSWR transfers to the RSFSR all immovable property situated within the frontiers of the RSFSR belonging to the Finnish Treasury or to Finnish State institutions, as to rights of property or use....

    4. Property which, by decision of the Russo-Finnish Conciliation Commission, is to be directly transferred to workers' organizations, is excluded from the property to be transferred as above to the FSWR.

    5. In order to assist in the nationalization of the Finnish merchant navy, the RSFSR transfers to the FSWR, in their present condition, all vessels belonging to the Finnish Treasury, to companies or to private persons, requisitioned by the Russian Government before or during the war....

    [8 though 12 not included in document]

    7. The amount of compensation to be paid for the property to be transferred in virtue of the present treaty is to be determined by a special Russo-Finnish conciliation commission.

    [8 though 12 not included in document]

    13. The RSFSR grants all political rights enjoyed by Russian citizens to Finnish citizens in Russia belonging to the working class, and to peasants who do not employ hired labour, if they are living on Russian territory for purposes of work.

    On its part, the FSWR undertakes to grant to citizens of the RSFSR in Finland the easiest conditions for obtaining political rights, in particular taking into account the interests of the working population without settled habitation.

    14. The FSWR undertakes not to hinder, and promises to collaborate in the continuation and rapid conclusion of the evacuation from the FSWR of the armed land and sea forces of the RSFSR which has already begun....

    15. The RSFSR transfers to the unrestricted possession of the FSWR the territory named below, if the local population signify their consent in a free referendum. The Russo-Finnish State frontier shall henceforth be along a direct line running from Korvatuntura, situated on the present Russo-Finnish State frontier, to the source of the Pechenga river, thence along the eastern watershed of the Pechenga river, across the Motovski bay and the Rybachi peninsula in a direct line emerging on the shores of the Arctic at Zubaya....

    [16 not included in document]

    17. Any disagreements which may arise ... in interpreting the present treaty and the detailed agreements concluded in virtue thereof, and instances in which the articles of the treaty and agreement are violated, are to be submitted for settlement to a court of arbitration, of which the Chairman is to be nominated by the Council of the Swedish Left Social Democratic Party, unless subsequently determined otherwise.

(Plenipotentiaries: RSFSR LENIN, TROTSKY,

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