August 21 (morning session)


In reply to the President, M. Lurye declares that he fully confirms the evidence he gave at the preliminary investigation.

Vyshinsky:  Accused Lurye, tell me, please, what concrete steps did you take in your terroristic activity?

M. Lurye:  On leaving Berlin for Moscow on March 4, 1933, I received definite instructions. I received these instructions from Ruth Fischer and Maslov, but actually they were the instructions of Trotsky himself. I had been connected with Ruth Fischer since1924, and in opposition work in the Zinoviev faction had been connected with her since October 1925. I had been connected with Maslov since 1927 when I returned to Berlin from Moscow. The instructions were of the following character: Trotsky is of the opinion and insists, and we, that is to say, Maslov and Ruth Fischer, are in agreement with Trotsky's instruction to the effect that it is necessary to speed up the organization of terroristic acts against the leaders of the C.P.S.U. and the Soviet government, in the first place against Stalin. I received these instructions personally in verbal form from Ruth Fischer and Maslov on March 4, 1933, as I have already said.

Vyshinsky:  I am waiting for your statement on the practical steps you took in this direction.

M. Lurye:  On arriving in Moscow on March 9, 1933, I communicated this verbal instruction at its destination, namely, to Zinoviev's former personal emissary in Berlin, A. V. Herzberg. I was connected with Herzberg in Zinovievite work from November 1927 until his departure for Moscow at the end of 1931. I comunicated this instruction not later than the middle of April. Herzberg accepted the instruction and said that this instruction from Trotsky, Ruth Fischer and Maslov was fully in accord with identical decisions already adopted by our centre in the U.S.S.R.

In reply to questions put to him by the State Prosecutor about the practical steps the accused had taken to organize terroristic acts, M. Lurye related about his three meetings with Zinoviev. During one of these meetings wich took place in Zinoviev's apartment in the beginning of August 1934, Lurye gave Zinoviev detailed information about Trotsky's instructions received through Ruth Fischer and Maslov concerning the preparation of terroristic acts, and in particular, concerning the activities of the group of his namesake, Nathan Lurye.

Vyshinsky:  Tell me please, were you connected with Nathan Lurye?

M. Lurye:  Yes. I was connected with Nathan Lurye approximately from April 1933 to January 2, 1936.

Vyshinsky:  You knew Nathan Lurye as a member of the underground Trotskyite organization?

M. Lurye:  Certainly.

Vyshinsky:  You knew that at that period Nathan Lurye was engaged in preparing a number of terroristic acts?

M. Lurye:  Quite true.

M. Lurye then goes on to relate how he organized the attempt on the life of Comrade Orjonikidze. This terroristic act was to have been committed while Comrade Orjonikidze was at Chelyabinsk Tractor Works. For this purpose M. Lurye had instructed N. Lurye,who was going to the Chelyabinsk Tractor Works, to take the opportunity of a possible visit to the works by Comrade Orjonikidze to commit a terroristic act against him.

Vyshinsky:  In what other measures for committing terroristic acts did you participate?

M. Lurye:  I took part in preparing an attempt on the life of Zhdanov.

The accused relates in detail how on January 2, 1936, he communicated to Nathan Lurye definite instructions to organize a terroristic act against Comrade Zhdanov, and promised to give him later addresses and connect him with Zaidel's terrorist group in Leningrad.

Comrade Vyshinsky then asks M. Lurye whether he was anything to add to his evidence.

M. Lurye:  I can add something to Nathan Lurye's testimony and about my important conversation with Zinoviev concerning Weitz's group. Nathan Lurye informed me concretely of the work of the terrorist group organized by Weitz. Noting my perplexity when I heard about this sort of ally, N. Lurye asked me what I thought about it. I replied that my personal attitude played no role here, that I would immediately report it in proper quarters, and said to N. Lurye: if you do not receive a reply in the negative, this will mean that you are working with the knowledge of the centre.

Vyshinsky:  Whom personally did you have in mind?

M. Lurye:  I had contacts with A. V. Herzberg, a person enjoying the particular confidence of Zinoviev. N. Lurye did not receive a reply in the negative from me. From the time of my conversation with him in April 1933 Nathan Lurye's group, which was organized by the fascist Franz Weitz, worked with the knowledge and indisputably with the consent of the centre, and of Zinoviev personally.

Vyshinsky:  Consequently, you admit that for a considerable number of years you were a member of the underground Trotskyite organization?

M. Lurye:  Yes, I fully admit it.

Vyshinsky:  That organization pursued terroristic aims?

M. Lurye:  I admit that I brought such instructions.

Vyshinsky:  You confirm that you received instructions on terrorism from Trotsky through Ruth Fischer and Maslov and communicated them to Zinoviev?

M. Lurye:  Yes.

Vyshinsky:  You know that the instructions were communicated?

M. Lurye:  Quite definitely.

Vyshinsky: Were you connected with Nathan Lurye's group and simultaneously with the fascist agent Franz Weitz?

M. Lurye:  Yes.

Vyshinsky:  Did you in conjunction with Nathan Lurye prepare a number of attempts at assassination, and did you give the instructions to prepare the attempt on the life of Comrade Stalin?

M. Lurye:  I did not take part in the preparations, but I communicated instructions about the attempt.

Vyshinsky:  You gave instructions to prepare attempts on the lives of Orjonikidze and Zhdanov, and you not only gave instructions, but indicated the contacts?

M. Lurye:  Yes, I told Nathan Lurye that he would be given an address later.