Protection of Women and Children in Soviet Russia


1. After leaving the Maternity Hospital, the woman must watch her bodily temperature. When it is over 37.5 deg. (C) the temperature must be reported to the clinic.

2. It is necessary to wash the external sexual organs twice a day with warm water and soap and then rinse them with a weak lysol solution.

3. It is necessary to take daily sponge baths for three weeks. Bathing in a tub can begin at the beginning of the seventh week. It is not permitted to visit the public baths earlier than the seventh week after giving birth.

4. It is necessary to wear a belt or truss (bandage) in order to support the abdominal wall and prevent the slipping of interior organs.

5. Certain housework is allowed from the fifteenth day, but it is necessary to avoid continual work in a bending position (washing of linen, scrubbing of floors, using a sewing machine requiring leg motion, etc.).

6. For eight weeks after giving birth, a woman must not do any hard work, especially lifting of heavy objects, as hard work can cause loss of blood, displacement of sexual organs and tends to cause other women's complaints.

7. Dress of a nursing mother must be free and of soft material which can be easily washed. Dress and underclothing must unbutton in front.

8. It is necessary to keep the breasts warm. If any sign of constriction of the milk flow is noticed, it is necessary to notify the clinic.

9. When milk is over-abundant, draw it off with the hand. If this is insufficient, then use ice packs and breast pump.

10. Ordinary and simple food is good for a nursing mother. Highly seasoned food is prohibited. The nourishment taken by the mother has a direct effect upon the child.

11. Drink must be sufficient, but if milk is overabundant it is well to limit drinking. Beer and other alcoholic drinks are prohibited.

12. Walking is a good means of regaining- strength as are mild physical exercises and expedient nourishment (sour milk, etc.). Do not use laxatives without doctor's prescription.

13. Coitus is allowed not earlier than the ninth week if the post-natal period is normal.