Subjective Spirit (1830)


What Mind Is


(a) The Physical Soul
(b) The Feeling Soul
(c) The Actual Soul


(a) Consciousness proper
(b) Self-Consciousness
(c) Reason


(a) Theoretical Mind
(b) Practical Mind
(c) Free Mind

The Subjective Spirit is Section One of The Philosophy of Spirit, Part III of the Encyclopaedia of the Philosophical Sciences, and this text comes from Hegel’s last version, dated 1830: Hegel’s Philosophy of mind: being part three of the ‘Encyclopaedia of the philosophical sciences’ (1830), translated from the German by William Wallace, together with the Zusätze in Boumann’s text (1845); translated by A. V. Miller; with foreword by J. N. Findlay. Published Oxford, Clarendon Press, 1971, from Carl Mickelsen’s site at the University of Idaho.

Subjective Spirit (1817)