Post-modern philosophy and Credit

Post-modern philosophy is the philosophy of the credit card society. The credit card, and the massive accumulation of fictitious capital, futures, etc., is coextensive geographically, socially and hsitorically with post-modern philosophy.

The epistemology of post-modernism reflects the attitudes of a society in which the law of value has been totally swamped in credit, when things are bought and sold at a price which bears no relation whatsoever to the labour embodied in its production, where use-value and exchange-value are produced culturally, when anyone who tried to amass capital by labouring or even by employing labour would be like the Marxist complaining about the rank idealism of post-modern writers or the accoutant worrying about the massive accumulation of debt.

How should we live? "To each according to their needs, from each according to their ability" Isn't that what Marx has told us? Fuck the law of value!

If the law of value has been buried in a pile of fictitious capital, the we should recognise it as a fait accompli. Want to solve unemployment and inflation at the same time? What about a zero cost-of-living?

Excuse my outburst, but this is not irrelevant to our discussion about Hegel's Logic. I would be interested in any reactions.