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"Marx was right to see the Phenomenology as the main part of the Hegelian system. The Logic only makes sense when we know that it is a diagram of the way that Spirit works. As such, it is the concentrated expression of an alienated way of life."


Lenin in Vol 38 has an entry of Hegel's Phenomenology, but just the name of the book without any comment, so probably he never read it. But Logic was traditionally regarded as the masterpiece of Hegel's philosophy.

The System of Hegel's philosophy is a bit complicated and my tentative understanding is this:

the Encyclopaedia consists of the Logic, Philosophy of Nature and the Philosophy of Mind. Phenomenology serves as the introduction but not part of the system. In Phg, Hegel gives a comprehensive and systematic exposition of all possible relation between consciousness and its objects, ending in an optimal standpoint where there is not discrepancy between knowledge and objects. The starting point of Logic is the end point of Phg, the Absolute knowledge, knowledge = reality. It is from this apex, the total perspective that enable Hegel to recollect the various catergories in the system of Logic, Nature, etc. That is why Marx said "we must begin with his Phg, which is the true birthplace and secret of the Hegelian philosophy".



"Neither Hegel nor Marx can have an epistemology, a theory of knowledge, a scientific account of science. (Wrong again, Vladimir!)"


"Do we have an a priori knowledge of science?"


I think negative as well

If we take the views of Marx in the German Ideology: because men become what they are through their work, an adequate self-consciousness about what they are and will become, can be gathered only from their real condition at any given point in their development, then Marx is asserting the radical historicity of all thought by asserting its dependency upon conditions of a particular time. The criterion for distinguishing true theory at any given time from mere ideology was stated in the Theses on Feuerbach: "Man must prove the truth i.e. the effectiveness and power.... of his thinking through praxis."

The objective truth of thought cannot be decided within the scope of thought, it is rather that the object of thought provides the criterion of truth. Yet this object - man or society - is not a fixed thing but becomes what it is through its own activity. Hence, every true theory, precisely because it grasps man as he is at any given moment, necessarily sublates itself when the theory is taken as a guide for praxis.

But can Marxists or Communist Party as an active political group work without a 'philosophy'? My guess is that a Weltanschauung, an epistemology and a theory of action will be necessary evils.