from andy

I ran into an young/old comrade (Geoff Boucher) in the library yesterday, who complimented me on the Hegel site. I was delighted of course. He has fairly recently escaped from a sect, and is now deeply into studying Marx and Hegel. I drew my attention to "Marx's Grundrisse and Hegel's Logic" by Hiroshi Uchida. I remembered that Cyril had mentioned this book ( so I took the book home.

Well, very interesting indeed! I hope Cyril could forgive me turning a phrase to say, "To understand Cyril, you must first read Uchida".

Uchida claims to substantiate the assertion that Cyril makes about "The Logic" being about Capital. Either way, it's v. good reading.

I have loaded the Preface and First Chapter to the site.

I recommend you all have a glance at this, and see what we think.

../../../subject/philosophy/works/ot/uchida.htm and uchida1.htm